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Our Products

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Consciously Made


OTTO FINN LLC was created by Rona Chang to provide comfortable and modern clothes for women, fashionably functional children’s accessories, and thoughtfully designed home products for the design conscious consumer. Rooted in designs that are characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, OTTO FINN offers handcrafted pieces of enduring character.


Earth-Friendly Practices

Embodying a clean, modern, and natural aesthetic, OTTO FINN carefully considers a range of quality & sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled & upcycled cotton, and flax linen to provide products that will prove timeless for our customers. We are conscious of our environmental impact and make every effort to consider that in our fabrics, our water based inks, and our packaging. OTTO FINN has achieved the requirements for the Bronze designation from the SWPA Sustainable Small Business Designation Program.


Culturally Inspired

Our founder, Rona’s background is bicultural. Growing up in Asia and NYC has informed much of her openness to the cultural exchange of ideas. She has extensive experience working in a museum environment and has been inspired by many art collections. In particular the Japanese woodblock prints in the Asian Art department at The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been serving as a source of inspiration since she worked with them.

Locally made

All our design are sewn in house, by Lauren of Why Sews, or by the workforce at East End Cooperative Ministries, and screen printed in Pittsburgh.