The Piramides

The power of a site can be be felt through the ancient ruins of a civilization. The Arco Iris (rainbow), Sol y Luna (sun and moon) and Piramides (pyramids) prints are inspired by my travels to the Chimú and Moche ruins in northern Peru.

The Hi Five Print

Our son Otto was an unplanned c-section. It was so unexpected that I (Rona) skipped that particular section of the book my sister gave me, “What to expect when you’re expecting.” But the first part of him that I saw through my tear filled eyes and glasses were his big hands across the room. They seemed huge, he seemed huge. And he was at 9 lbs 4 ounces (I’m 5’3″). The Hi Five print is a collaboration with Otto (he held his hands still long enough for me to make a couple of copies) and a celebration of the part of him I saw and fell in love with first.

The Pretzel Hug Print

A nod to Ross’s German heritage and our shared love of pretzels, this design was conceived when we started making soft pretzels at home. Otto now has a love for “bezels” and loves to eat and point to all the pretzels he spots in our studio. The I pretzel hug U design is based on the game that we (and I’m sure many of you do with your loved ones) often play with our son “I,” pointing to our eyes, “love” hugging our chests, “u” pointing to him.

Hi Neighbor

Our toddler son Otto’s love for the TV show, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is pretty infectious. The animation is an offshoot of the show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” that I had grown up with and was based in Pittsburgh. Soon after moving into our house in Pittsburgh, I often found myself nudging Otto to say “Hi Neighbor” to the neighbors we passed along the street. “Hello Neighbor” is what Mr. Rogers used to say and now, in the new version of the show, Daniel Tiger says, “Hi Neighbor.”